Tuesday, August 3, 2010

an hour & a half from home.

So - we're home.
A memory i want to keep:
An hour & a half from home - coming towards Calgary from the south - rolling green hills & an angry sky - we're struck by the beauty of our homeward landscape.
It was a long trek home. We took the scenic oregon coast - 3 days - 37 driving hours - & we're on the last leg. The van is a mess, the littles are ready to be done, i'm bemoaning every sign that says, "North". Suddenly out of the blue, i see a truck pulled over to the side of the road, & a man waving at us to stop right beside it.
"Noooooo...." i say in almost a panicked voice. It feels like we are balancing 9 peoples remaining ounces of patience so delicately - & i keenly feel the inconvenience of being a good samaritan.
"i gotta stop hon..." he remonstrates me gently.
As we pull to a stop, the man gratefully tells Neil he doesn't have the tools to change his tire that has blown out.
i imagine the back of our van - full of duffel bags, the cooler, small stroller, sweaters, all manner of travelling debris that has been gathering for 3 days as we travelled 3000kms.
Neil just smiles & says, "Lemme check what i've got..."
In moments he's got the tools he needs & his work gloves on & is happily changing the man's tire.
Oh, Father - i feel myself rebuked by my husband's servanthood. i'm ashamed that even after all these years of opportunities, my reflex is selfishness... Continue to shape me, teach me, mold me - fashion me to Your image by your mercy.


Carol said...

I would have had the same reaction as you! I hope if I ever have car trouble that someone like your husband helps me out!

Welcome back home! I have missed your daily posts!

Colleen said...

And what a wonderful hubby you have - and who knows - that may be the only Jesus those people have ever seen. Of course having said that I would have been just like you.

Lori-Dawn said...

Hugs!! Jamie and I go in spurts, sometimes it's me that is selfless and sometimes it is him...we often encourage each other to make the right choices...it's a good balance. I totally feel your pain though and honestly, I don't know that we would have stopped....although I know we would have regretted it later.
Glad you're back!


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