blogs i like

i love reading blogs.  It's something like going on a little rabbit trail - hopping from one nice place to another - discovering things and people that you never knew existed before.  i hope to add to that trail a little & share some of my favourite corners to explore.  If i miss adding *your* blog - please remind me!  i'm going from memory here - & sometimes i'm not sure if my friends want their blogs to remain a little more private. 
girl on the prairies - she generously shares her grief - & her ardent love of Jesus...
pastor brad - the pastor of the community church we go to - good guy, bff of Neil, despite the fact that he blogs...
knitsprout - another homeschooling mama of 7 - & yeh... we're related.
beauty in weakness - i love her posts - discovering who God really is. 

more to come...


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