Monday, August 9, 2010


being in a relationship where the other person was perfect...
We're in all these relationships - global - sharing a planet, air & water... fellow canadians or albertans - sharing our government, borders, rugged landscape & weather conditions...
We have relationships with people in our community, in our church, on our street, in our home... in our bed.
& none of them are perfect.
In every one of those relationships, one side makes a mistake & it costs everyone. From a country shunning human rights - to a wife becoming a dripping faucet. There are often glimpses of good - communities choosing to feed the hungry, countries voting for fair governments, fathers loving their children... but each one is tainted by the imperfection of the individuals involved in that relationship.
But there is one relationship that is different than all the rest...
& it's bigger than any global relationship -
more intimate than the relationship with the person who shares my bed...
& in that relationship - the perfection of one side covers the imperfections of the other.
Trust - is implicit.
Love - is agape.
Duration - is eternal.
Oh, Father - let my earthly relationships become a reflection of Your relationship with me. Despite my failings, let my relationships bear the markings of a heart that longs to please You.
Help me choose to act & react in a way that would bring You glory.


Pamela (a.k.a. The InfoJunkie) said...

Amen! ♥

Ditto for me. :o)

Mindy said...

Love this!


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