Thursday, August 19, 2010

found - pt 1

i found a bunch of interesting papers etc... while i was cleaning today.
i thought maybe i would post some of what they contained here in my cyber memory box - just for fun.
Today's item:
a photocopied paper i don't ever remember writing on. At the top is an asterisk & in my handwriting it says:
*i didn't "ponder" this - just wrote as i thought - altho - reading it over - i'm not sure i missed anything.
& then underneath is a typed question:

If you could zip forward in time and meet yourself 20 years from now, what would you be like?

& here is what i had written - scrawled in pencil - so obviously off the cuff & yet still so close to the mark for me:

i'll be 46 years old...
i'd like to have used those 20 years fully. i want to be wise & close to my family. i'll still be 'laid back' - but i hope quieter - more secure. i hope i'm crazy in love & i'd love to be a gramma. I hope i'm active & adventurous & in good enough shape to be those things. i want to be organized & resourceful, but not cocky or arrogant. i'm almost scared to admit i'd like to have done *something* that feels fulfilling musically. i feel so content with my life other than that... i think if i could change a few things they'd be:
- the ability to make crazy decisions (like become a missionary in Africa)
- OR live closer to family.
- leave my family size in God's hands.
- have the courage to pursue a dream - i'll never start 'cause i don't know how...


It was kind of neat to find that & read it - i only have 12 years left...

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mamalena said...

Wow....doing good Paige


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