Monday, August 23, 2010

found part 5 - last one :)

CAIRO GRADE 3 - SLOANIE GRADE 1 *written july 20/o4
cai - memorize mult. tables - be quicker with telling time & addition & subtraction facts. Enjoy reading even more & learn to work independently. Learn how to write creatively with better spelling and punctuation.

sloan - continue progress with reading - finish basic sonlight 1 readers & progress at least 1/2 way through the advanced readers. Get her addition & subtraction facts firmly established & introduce the other math concepts (shapes, time, measurements, clocks etc...) Get some "need to know" spelling words memorized.

-i believe that i can cover all that they need to learn to achieve a high level of success for their grade levels (1&3).
- i believe THIS home is a loving environment that can & will nurture their character growth over the next school year - better than it would in the system.
- i desire my children to learn that family is forever. That your sisters & brother are the best friends you'll ever have. Be kind. Be inclusive. Be compassionate & tender.
- i desire for my children: a relationship with God & a knowledge of Him. I believe that this relationship is better nurtured in the home & that before academic success & family ties - my children's relationship with their Creator is my #1 priority.
- i believe that homeschooling my children produces the type of fruit i desire to see in them.
- i believe God is using homeschooling to "grow" me too.

Sloanie is a softie. She can be so tender & loving - & also seems to have the ability to *be* soothing balm to hurting people. Sloan is fun to be with & easily makes friends & is LOYAL to her friends (especially Cairo). An area i've seen some growth - but would love to see more is in Sloanie's attitude towards Peyton. Peyton idolizes Sloanie & i'd like to help nurture a healthy, kind friendship between these 2 - (more like Cai & Sloanie's). Sloanie seems to want to learn. In the future, i can see Sloanie digging in to her faith and studying independently. My prayer for Sloanie is that God would reveal Himself to Sloanie & make Himself REAL in her life.

Cairo is still so fragile & shy. Cairo has such a strong desire to make people happy. She also has a strong desire to make God happy. This makes her the ideal student. i'd love to see Cairo continue to excel in leadership in the home... maybe one day she'll use some of her gifting and skill outside our safe environment. (*i laughed when i read this - totally prophetic :) Cairo is a great leader & all of the other kids look up to her & follow her example. i'd love to see Cairo improve her work ethic & start & finish projects on her own.
My prayer for Cairo is that she would see herself as God's child & that the enemy would have no foothold in her sensitivity & shyness.

- sloanie learned how to read
- swimming - Cai passed level 6 & Sloanie level 3.
- Cai memorized tons of geography - it turned out to be her favourite subject.

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