Reviews for _40 Weeks_

what is this all about?
i wrote a book. 
The story is a gentle exploration into the subject of miscarriage that branches out into the value of human life & the preciousness of that gift.  i wrote in journal format, the story of Anna - a young mama who works through her grief after losing her first babe to miscarriage. 

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what have people said? (*it honestly makes me wanna die to put these on here, but i know these will let you understand a little bit more what this book is about...)

Paige - I devoured your book. I got it a couple of weeks ago and read in in just a couple of days. I love to read a book that impacts me in a positive way, which 40 Weeks did. It is very thoughtful and insightful. - Erin

Amazing! There are no words to describe how touching your book is. - Amanda

"40 Weeks" explores life in its fullness, though Anna's tiny, precious baby is gone too soon. It teaches the truth of 1 Corinthians 1:27 ; that God can and does use those who are tiny, or weak, those with no voice of their own. He does this through his work in our hearts, and through writers like Paige Beselt, who passionately and tirelessly speaks on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. - Miindy

 I am so grateful you wrote this - there are not enough books like it! - Edella

Got my book today! Was sobbing by the second page....that's a good thing. - Amy

I read your novel this weekend while we were away. God has truly gifted you in so many ways. May you continue to serve Him through your many talents and passions This novel touches so many areas of ones life that I was impressed with how well you wrote about the whole gammit and how important each life is whether just conceived to the elderly to the disabled (differently abled)--impressive--touched my heart. Most importantly is our relationship, our personal intimate, relationship with God the Father. Beautiful insight.......... - Shirley

_40 Weeks_ has been such a blessing to me! I only had to put it down once last night, and have made it over halfway through =) Please do NOT even stop writing, God has gifted you with such a tremendous ability to express things felt, but not able to put into word by the majority of us, but yet you can and do. - Dacia


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