i originally started a blog to organize my thoughts on various pro life issues ~ but then, i realized that pro life is so much more than something that i believe in... it is - in a sense - our way of life. 

The most important thing i could express is that God is Good. That knowledge is the root of who i am.

i am a wife & a momma ~ i homeschool my 7 little ones & am expecting our 8th. i like my job very much. i have a sweet husband who loves me & we've been married for 16 years!

My blog entries represent what scattered thoughts i manage to scramble into a semblance of order. i like posting little snippets of thoughts as i have them. Not worrying if i get it down perfectly ~ just trying to get some of it down. ~ These days seem so precious & fleeting. Sometimes i feel so sleep deprived that i wonder if i'll remember any of them at all.

i want to remember these tender years ~ caring for my little brood & trying to become more like Jesus...


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