Friday, August 27, 2010


Earlier this month i took these pics of my two little 'half' boys - E being a half a year old & Gagey reaching the 2 & a half mark. i'm so excited to watch them grow together & celebrate many birthdays & halfsies with their best friend.


Carol said...

I think as well as being best buddies, they are also going to look an awful lot alike!

Anonymous said...

So cute Paige. Love Ephraims diaper! he he

Anonymous said...

Carlee(forgot my name)

Mae said...

Oh so cute!! Love the pctuers!

farm_girl_4_jesus said...

Oh. my. gosh. Ephraim looks so HUGE!!! I was just noticing this morning that Will looks pretty big when put next to Ethan...not as teensy as he was before. Your boys are such cuties, Ephraim looks so much like our pictures of Charter when he was little. Love you
Emma xoxo


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