Thursday, July 29, 2010


"Daddy, please, please come play with me in the big pool again!" Mollen was dripping wet & Neil was all dry & comfy in the shade.
"Ok, but i'm done chucking you guys in the air, ok? My arms are tired - let's just play, alright?"
"Sure daddy!!"
i strolled over with the 2 little boys about 4 minutes later to see Mollen launching through the air.
'Softy', i thought to myself.
& then i saw the line-up behind Mollen.
There were probably 7 or 8 little boys varying in age, size, shape & colour - all lined up... "Me next? Please, would you throw me next?"
i watched for the next several minutes as my husband threw kids in the air - the circle widened & with each throw, the tiny troops of onlookers hooted & cheered.
It seems to me that there is never a shortage of little ones wanting a daddy - anyone's daddy - to have the time to play.
There's something exciting to little ones about the way a daddy plays... his size, his strength, the danger.
& i gotta say, it's equally intoxicating to the mama watching...

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Lori-Dawn said...

hee IS rather intoxicating isn't it?!?!

We're all moved now, but I can't access my emails..hee hee I'll clog up peoples blogs instead...enjoy your vacation!!!


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