Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a post of truth

* i lost my breath i was working so hard today.
* what i swept up off the floor could have filled 4 of Neil's shoes... & he has big feet. i didn't try it - but i should sometime...
* i hated my computer.
* i loved my computer.
* i have no idea what i ate.
* i baked samosas. When i ran out of samosa filling, i switched to spanikopita, when i ran out of spanikopita filling, i switched to apples & cinnamon... it lasted till the pastry was gone... if it wouldn't have, i would have thrown away the last of the pastry.
* i made a horribly overcooked supper in the slowcooker.
* i didn't eat it.
* my kids didn't complain - i don't know if that makes me feel good ('cause they're so sweet & easy going) or bad (they're used to it...)
* me & sloanie made lasagne for tomorrow.
* Gagey made a work of art that he thought we would be proud of.
* my favourite chair has pen all over it.
* today was only too full because of the orientation for the online science that Peyton & Cairo are taking. Funny how adding one little thing to the mix can change everything...
* i miss neil.


Jen said...

I threw something out of the fridge that I have no idea what it was. It smelled like blueberries but it was white....or at least it used to be white.

I think I should write a post like this today....

Jen said...

I'm gonna go write it right now...

brad said...

I miss Neil too :-)

PLEASE - let us know if you need a break or a breather or SOMETHING. WE'd LOVE to help you (even though you don't need help but might need something)

paige said...

brad - i almost called you to help me figure out Neil's scanner today. Thankfully it was one of those mysterious computer things that is solved by turning off & on your computer... Thanks so much for offering help - sure good to know it's there when i need it!


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