Tuesday, August 17, 2010

one of those days...

i knew it at 4am when i woke up grumpy.
i layed there for an hour trying to think happy thoughts & get back to sleep. Eventually i succeeded in falling back asleep- but i awoke in the morning feeling kind of foul.
Everything kind of threw me - but the nice thing about being over 30 (for me) is that i'm finally mature enough to realize when i'm being irrational (a small portion of the time... hehe)- & i can make choices that will hopefully stall the spread of my little black cloud.
Several times i tried to reclaim my day.
When i burned the last of the bread, i took a long, hot shower.
When i felt myself boiling over, i nursed Ephraim.
After an hour long stint trying to get my washing machine to go - i spent an hour praising God with my littles. They giggled when i played the intro to "Trading my Sorrows" & i shouted out, "MY WASHING MACHINE WON'T WORK - BUT I'M GONNA PRAISE GOD!!"
Sloanie followed with, "i'm a horrible speller, but i'm still gonna praise Him!!"
Charter, "i''m always hungry, but i'm gonna praise God!"
& so on down the line.
When we ended with "Donna Nobis Pacem" - Charter asked, "What do those words mean again, mom?"
& i made everyone sing the whole song again in english, "Give. Us. Peace."

Today wasn't perfect. It's not one i would want to replay. It involves doing a load of laundry in my bathtub, using my feet as an agitator... There's a possibility i took off my pants to do that... & also there's a possibility that Neil came in at that moment & took my picture with his phone...
i hope he enjoys that.
Today wasn't perfect. It took so much effort to keep my temper in check... but even though i had to cancel out on a playdate, i still managed to check several things off my 'to-do' list...
Sloanie re-did her spelling test, we made it to the library, i vacuumed, Cairo made an awesome supper of chicken, mashed potatoes, corn & salad.
So, i have a sore spot in the middle of my back that i'm sure is from the frustrations of a less than perfect day...
But, tomorrow's all fresh and clean and neat. Tomorrow's beggin' me to rest up & be ready to enjoy. Tomorrow, i'm gonna be a little better girl 'cause i struggled so hard today.
& i can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.


Stephanie said...

Well done on keeping your chin up Paige. I hope I remember this post when I'm having a really crummy day. You truly inspire me.

Alicia said...

I second what Stephanie said. *so* inspiring. And I'm going to listen to Donna Nobis Pacem right now. I haven't heard it in a while...

Treasured Grace said...

My first thought after reading your post was "you inspire me!" then I read the other commenters:) You really are inspiring, thanks for sharing a snippet of your day/world.

Lori-Dawn said...

SOB! that is how I WISH I could say I behaved...but I'm not as mature as you...my whole day felt like a failure as I swore and let the enemy have his fun....it almost happened again today, BUT it didn't and the day is going relatively well...I need a better sense of humor I think...sigh.


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