Monday, August 30, 2010


i finished _Say You're One Of Them_ by Uwem Akpan today.
Maybe i should have saved it for when daddy wouldn't be gone for the week...
'cause i sure miss him now - his comforting wide back lying beside me in bed as he slumbers - his measured breaths making it rise & fall in a slow rhythmical state. His peaceful presence always reminds me of what is right with the world.
It's late - past our usual early bedtime when he's home... but my muscles are tense, my mind is full & my heart is sorrowful.

This book made me sad.

& it turned my thoughts to each of you. Safe. Protected. Loved.
Little ones, may it always be so.... slavery, murder, hatred & betrayal - things that you never get to experience...
but if not... if this world brings to our country... to our city... to our home - disasters that would change our way of life & rob us of the freedoms we enjoy...
cling to your Father - & remember what you know to be true.
Be rooted in your faith & in the knowledge of His love & goodness to you.
He is all that is Good.
love, mama

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deborah said...

oooh, I just finished reading my book, maybe I'll pick that one up!


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