Are you Mormon?
Full Quiver?
k - i get this line of questioning... but i guess the only one whose banner i wanna march under is Jesus... i'm His.  "Christ follower" - fits me. 

Why do you care? - (in terms of prolife, our views on birth control & the value of children...)
Because God loves people... and if people matter to Him, they should matter to me. i want so much to be more like Him. 

Why did you write a book?
i'm realizing the older that i get, that prolife is not a "cause"... Prolife is a way of thinking about human life.  i thought that if i could come up with a way to weave some of these themes in life together into a story that people would read... maybe it could serve to soften hearts, and cause others to see truth. 
There's another reason too...  As a stay at home mama - i want my little ones to see that learning, growing and trying new things aren't lost arts for me.  i want my little ones to see me overcoming my shyness, speaking out gently about the things that i'm learning and serving whole heartedly the Creator - who gave me this gift of life. 

Will you have more children?
i'm willing - but not sure if i will get to experience that joy again.

You must be supermom - or - your kids must be super children...
no.  i'm not & believe me - neither are they.  i lose my patience - they nit pick & squabble... it's not always pretty - but that's just the reality of it. 

Why homeschool?
It's a lifestyle that fits us.  We get more time individually - which can be a challenge with a bigger family - and it seemed a pretty natural fit to us. 

more to come... (maybe if i get around to it...) - if there's something specific you'd like me to address on here, go ahead and ask... i might just answer. 


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