Wednesday, August 25, 2010

i wolf whistled at Neil...

i was tucking Gagey into bed with our usual rituals one night when mollen came running into the room like a flash of greased lightning....
"Mommy!!! Daddy's outside & he doesn't have a shirt on!!!"
In moments the room was flooded with hooting little people as Neil obliviously snuck out to the van to get something. i have no idea why it was so funny to them, but suddenly it struck me funny too - so i jumped out of the bed & shoved them all aside, flinging wide the second story window just as he turned to come back into the house & wolf whistled.
The children looked at me in stunned silence & Cai whispered, "ohhhh, mom, you are in the biggest trouble ever..."
(i can whistle... loudly... & i received the stoniest glare as he walked swiftly to the house... Apparently there were several people out walking that were just out of my eyesight.)
Only Mollen giggled - & when i realized that only that little whirling dervish of devilish delight was in my corner - i had to agree that i probably was in the biggest trouble ever.
& then i had to laugh too.
i didn't care.
Sometimes it's worth it.
& i like that man without his shirt on.


Denise said...

I'd whistle in response to this post -- but, unfortunately, I never learned how!!

It's good to be playing and tease each other -- especially after all the years you've been together...

Whistling now and again will help to keep the "spark" alive ... (whether Neil likes it or not!)

Saskatchewan Cousin

Lori-Dawn said... naughty girl you!!! hee hee

Melissa said...

HA HA HA!! So naughty, Paige!! I love that you had a little devilish sidekick, too! :)

deborah said...

ha ha!!!

so one of my favourite posts of yours!

Amanda May said...

I have to believe that Mollen is more than a little like her mommy! I love it!


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