Wednesday, September 1, 2010

sloanie prayed

We pray in the mornings.
We pray for our day, for our family, for the families in our neighbourhood - on our street. We pray for our daddy, for our babies, for our aunties & uncles.
& sometimes - even though we want to meet with our Father - & bring to Him the things & the people that are on our minds... we lack the wisdom to know how to pray for them with the sincerity that i know is there. i hear my little ones say things like, "God, i pray that daddy will have a nice day..." "... i pray that everything will be happy for them..." "... that they won't get sick..." "... that if they're having a hard time that you will make it better..." " their birthday to come soon..."
& even though it would be nice if we could get all the nicest things - have all the nicest days - avoid all the heartache & suffering that abounds... there's something in my heart that pleads for nothing more - than more of Him.
Today, Sloanie prayed.
& i wish i could post verbatim her little prayer - because it so matched the wordless plea of my own heart... it went something like this;
"God? Thank you for this awesome neighbourhood we get to live in. i want to pray for all the people who live in it with us. If they're going through hard things & hard times, let them turn to You - & maybe then they'll know that You're there. Amen."


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mamalena said...

I used to think it was lame to ask God to "bless" someone... but hey...He knows what we need...and He knows how best to bless us all... is sweet to hear your children talk to their Father from their heart....


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