Tuesday, January 5, 2010

happy baby

i had to take Gagey to the Children's Hospital for his post-op follow-up.
It's a long drive & i had the 4 littles as the bigger 2 were babysitting.
We waited for less than 10 minutes, finally being called into a room that was big enough for the 5 of us, plus the doctor.
i like this guy.
As you may or may not know - i'm not usually a big fan of doctors - but this guy puts on no airs, he's frank & honest & confident without being cocky. He must be a father himself because he comes into the room with his hands full of suckers. He looks at Gagey's incision & his vulnerable parts & shows me that things are as they should be & tells me that this is a good sign... but makes no promises until a year post op. Gagey doesn't even flinch, sucking noisily on a green sucker.
As we're about to leave, he points to my belly & says, "y'know, it's good just to be aware that any of your other children have a 12% chance of this same thing - you would recognize it right away if you saw it again..."
We run to the van to avoid the cold, but the fresh air feels good as i chase my little ones.
One more piece of good news - one less niggling worry.
Gagey giggles as he pulls ahead of me.
i happy.


Courtney said...

Dr. Wong? He is my kids' hernia doc... We love him and his suckers&

Prvbs31Mama said...

I'm so glad things are well with Gage!! Also that as of yet, we've never needed to use the children's hospital..sigh...but it's hard not to wonder what's in store for Mr. M with his weak lungs...guess instead of worrying I need to claim healing...easier said than done...

deborah said...

awesome! I love good doctors (and health professionals for that matter!). :)

Mindy said...


paige said...

Courtney - yes it was dr. wong! A nurse took me aside when i was at the hospital & said, "did you get dr. wong?" & when i said, "yes." she said, "He does *such* good work... i mean... they ALL do - but he really does a nice job... " :)

Zachary said...
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jessica jespersen said...

don't understand that statement "claim healing" prov 31 mama...and people like to say that a lot it seems... maybe a blog post will come out of that for me... but i *am* happy for Gagey's recovery and one less worry. --j


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