Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Maybe this post will make no sense.
i'm sleep deprived & emotional.
Gagey needed surgery last night for an incarcerated/strangulated hernia that had a very sudden onset.
he's ok.
but it was scary.
i keep flashing back to his teeny arms & pale face reaching out to me from a stranger's arms as they took him away from us at 11pm.
precious prince.


Anonymous said...

My sympathies. Glad the little fella got the help he needed.

John had emergency surgery in August 07 for a hernia (he knew he had it but kept putting off the surgery as he wasn't sure if WCB would pay him while off the 8 weeks he needed to recover).

So we know what it is like to worry about this type of thing and trying not to overdo it afterwards. But it will be tough to tell a not quite 2 yr. old not to stretch and bend and lift too much.

Thinking about you all at this time.

Saskatchewan Cousin

Jen said...

Scary. Hard to watch those little babes being taken away.
Hope you and the little man are doing good.
Thinking & praying for you both!

Mindy said...

Oh, my goodness! I'll be praying that he has a quick recovery...and that you feel like yourself soon, too.

Anonymous said...

hope both of you are recovering well from your ordeal! lots of hugs & cuddles will help to dim those scary memories :)
much love to you both!!!


Treasured Grace said...

I'm so glad he is ok and the surgery went well! Big kisses to ur sweet boy:)

Courtney said...

ah sunshine! That is no fun... Jared needs hernia surgery too... not emergency though.. that would be scary. I'm not looking forward to them taking Jared away in Feb either :( Hospitals are no fun... Love you!

Prvbs31Mama said...

oh that's scary!! Poor little Gagey! How are YOU holding up???? You'll have to tell me all about it later.


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