Wednesday, January 20, 2010

would a due date by any other name sound as sweet?

So, i have a baby ticker on the side of my blog.
i like it.
If you click on it, it shows different numbers - how many weeks done, how many weeks left, how many days left... It's fun.
But it is counting down to January 31st.
i feel like a crazy person - but i find myself counting down to January 28th. That's the date that the ultrasound gave - & it's a full 3 days earlier than the 31st (for those of you math challenged...)
When i found out i was pregnant, i begged my midwife for the latest date she could put on my chart in good conscience. She came up with the 31st. i didn't want to feel rushed & i wanted to feel freedom at the end of my pregnancy to just enjoy it, rather than feel like an induction was looming...
But now that i'm at the end...
i want credit for those 3 measly days.
i want to say, "i have only x days left..." not x PLUS 3!!
The funniest part is that i'm fairly certain that i will go beyond both of these dates, so really - what in the world does it matter??!!
i can joke about it this time 'cause i'm not feeling anxious or impatient... but i think it's funny how loopy we (pregnant girls) get at the end of this long journey of expectancy.

Darling little baby -
Take your time - mama's just being a goof. i'm having fun growing you - & i know that you want your big brothers & sisters to be entranced by your nice chubby thighs & your round dimpled cheeks. Grow some cute little fingernails & get good & ready to come out in your own time. i'm glad i have those 3 extra days grace with no pressure to *bring you forth*.
In my heart - i know that i am not waiting for a *date* - i am looking forward to *your arrival*. Daddy & i have no doubt that you know when you should come - & that you will come on that very special date - be it today - or 4 more weeks from today.
Besides - the longer you stay inside - the longer i get before i have to share you.

& i'm not big on sharing.


Carol said...

What a lovely post - Such an exciting time for you and the whole family!

Shelly said...

Paige, please post a picture of you now, I would *love* to see you pregnant again, I missed seeing you at the end of waiting for Gage!

Prvbs31Mama said...

LOL, I totally hear you on the sharing part!!!

Mindy said...

Ha! I want credit, too. But mostly because *I* am trying to squelch thoughts of going into labor early. I don't know why I always think it might be a possibility...

Beautiful post, Paige, as always!


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