Sunday, January 24, 2010

Poolin' it.

So, i just got back from teaching my weekly class on abstinence to the local teens... aka - going to public swim at 9mos pregnant.
My body was screaming at me last night...
Yes. Screaming.
Not very nice words either. i thought either the weightlessness of the water would ease some of the pain, or that my humiliation at being seen in a swimsuit would eclipse the pain. i was right on both counts. (As an aside - i think that the saltwater takes away some of the swelling... 's a good thing...)
Anyway - i was there, minding my own business, with little Gage who decided that today was the day that he would go absolutely nuts dunking & trying to swim... *so cute and fun*... when i spotted a familiar face.
Maybe some of you read my post a couple of weeks ago LINK here, i'll post the pertinent paragraph...
"There was a cute little pregnant girl in the change room - she was helping her toddler out of his swimsuit - she hadn't been swimming. i asked her when she was due, & it was only days before me.
Then she asked me if this was my first baby.
i could have kissed her."

Sure enough, my familiar face was that very same cute little pregnant girl... only... she wasn't pregnant anymore. Wrapped in her arms was the most darling dark haired baby boy...
i almost missed catching Gagey as he did a flying kamikaze leap off the side of the pool into my arms...
She went & sat at the side of the pool, watching her husband & young son play in the shallow end & tended to her tiny lamb.
i tried to quit staring. i really did.
Is it really almost my turn?
i went & told Neil... & he laughed at me & told me i had lots of time left... & to relax.
He's right of course... but there was that little tiny dark haired one, pulling my eyes back to the scene at the side of the pool, reminding me of what's to come... Incredible.
When it was time to leave, i heaved my body out of the pool & went to the change room. The sight that met me there, left me with a smile on my face. There was a lady changing standing on the bench so that she wouldn't get the cuffs of her pants wet...
Thing is, she was putting her clothes on over top of her wet bathing suit...
It's still making me smile.
People are funny.
So, that's me - keeping my chin up & my bathing suit on for these last family swims...

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Prvbs31Mama said...

HAHAHA, she was seriously doing that?? putting her clothes on OVER her swimsuit on top of the bench? hehe I probably would have embarressed myself and laughed out loud! HA
one week to go Paige!! Although, if you're aiming for my chosen still have until the 12th of I don't think you'll last though, and you'll likely have baby next weekend. Can't wait! I think it's time you


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