Thursday, January 7, 2010

6th midwife appointment - peyton's turn

Finally, daddy was available to accompany us to the appointment, so Peyton got on her tuque & hoodie & waited for me by the door.
We were quiet in the van 'cause Neil was on his blackberry - making deals, quoting prices, being friendly... Suddenly, Peyton's laughter would bubble up from the backseat & i turned around to see her wearing earphones & watching the movie "Up".
She's so beautiful when she laughs.
Peyton & i ran into my appointment first 'cause Neil was on the phone & he was going to park. i made her look away as i weighed myself - Neil says that's a weird thing to do - but i don't care... i do it anyway. When we sat down, she seemed kind of solemn, so i whispered in her ear, "What do you think of the art work... do you like it?"
She nodded before even seeing the first print on the wall - & i watched as her hazel eyes connected with the crazy images painted on canvas around the room - & the smile began to curl at her lips... & then her eyes widened & laughter bubbled up & spilled out of her perfect pink mouth.
"Did Cai laugh out loud when she saw that? Did Sloanie? What did Charter SAY??!!"
i giggled too - & we picked our favourites. Hers was a green woman who was a tree with her leg bent up as a branch over her head... impressive for a pregnant chick.
Then we sat on the couch & made funny faces at each other. She was impressed that i can wiggle my ears... Neil flipped through a magazine & Peyton & i shared our own, ooing & awwing at all the cute little babies.
Finally it was our turn.
After talkig briefly with the midwife (the one who i hope gets to catch this baby) - she palpated my belly & i told her about my chiropractor visits & the baby's resulting LOOP-DE-LOOP & she said, "yeh, sure feels like the head is down - waaaaay down."
We listened to the heartbeat - & i caught Peyton's eye - she was grinning like a cheshire cat - loving every minute.
When we left, we held hands 'cause it was slippery. Neil was waiting in the van, already on his phone again. i felt something rising in my chest as we rode in the van on the way home. The feeling seemed to flow through my arms down to my fingertips - travelling down my legs to my puffy little toes.
"Mama, that was fun! i want to go again!"
i'm relieved. She had been so reluctant to go, i wondered if she just needed a little distance in all of this birthing excitement - i can tell by the sparkle in her eye that i was wrong.
There are not many weeks now, till we meet this little baby face to face. Every tiny kick or jab reminds me that this little one is growing bigger and stronger & more & more ready to meet us too. There are so many little friends who are eagerly anticipating baby's arrival...
i recognize the feeling that is now coursing through my veins, making me think crazy thoughts of rolling down my window & hooting out to the icy highway.
It's joy.


deborah said...

oh Paige. You write so beautifully. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that though.
I feel like I went along with you on your visit. :) It brings back such memories of my midwife appointments and I loved every minute of them too!

Prvbs31Mama said...

what Deborah said!! Except that is what I desire for a midwife appointment! lol But I guess that'll never happen! haha

Carol said...

So glad to hear that baby is now head down! Your whole household must be so excited - I'm impressed that you have succeeded in keeping the sex of the baby a secret - I thought a "he" or "she" would slip out sometime in your writing!

Mindy said...

This is a wonderful post! I'm so glad Peyton enjoyed the visit to the MW office, too.

Anonymous said...

Also glad to hear that baby is in the right position now and that most likely you'll be able to avoid the trauma of a C-Section... God is good!

Saskatchewan Cousin


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