Wednesday, January 27, 2010

He Loves Her...

i remember being in my sister's kitchen a few months before i got married. She had just had her first baby in November - & he was only about 3 months old. He wasn't a great sleeper & my sister was feeling the effects of severe sleep deprivation. She was in the middle of cooking supper & her kitchen was steaming hot & we visited as she worked.
Her naturally curly hair was wild & her kitchen was a crazy mess & i just happened to glance up as her husband looked at her. She had no idea he was watching her - & i couldn't stop myself from staring as his eyes followed her every move. If ever there was a look that said, "i am the luckiest man in the world & i love this woman." it was this look. The minutes ticked by - & i found myself wanting to laugh as his gaze never wavered.
Years passed before i saw that look again... other than on my own husband's sweet face... in those rare perfect moments when i would happen to catch him.... & you know - it happened so rarely - he so carefully plays his cards so close to his chest.
We were at the pool one New Years Eve. Our church had rented it & i happened to be standing behind a group of men that were visiting. Suddenly one of the men shushed all the others & said, "Just wait, i want to watch her..."
i followed his eyes to the diving board & i saw his wife tip-toeing out to the edge. She looked scared. She was half crouched over - nervously inching her way along the board, holding onto the rail till she got to the end.
"C'mon, honey, you can do it..." he mumbled under his breath.
The other men kind of watched him, bemused.
She raised her arms over her head, carefully leaned over & dove into the water. It wasn't a perfect dive... not even close, but a look of pure pleasure flooded her husband's face as he quietly celebrated her success...
"She's always been really afraid of diving... She just learned how... "
She swam to the edge & climbed up - never even aware of her husband's watchful eye & his excitement from the sidelines.
One night, i was remembering these 2 incidents & i burst out laughing.
"Neil, i want a picture of you loving me!!"
He had no idea what i was getting at. i ran to get the camera...
"C'mon. Put a look of love on your face. i want to remember it forever."
He had been lying in bed watching tv & his eyes looked crazy tired, but i didn't care. i was a woman on a mission & i wasn't going to be put off.
"i love you." He said, barely glancing my way...
"No, you gotta say it with your face. i'm gonna take your picture & keep it so i can look at it whenever i need you to love me."
He looked at me then... "i love you, paige."
"Noooooooo, c'mon - really, pullleeeeease? Love me... with your eyes. Love me.. love me... love me!! " i teased, cajoled & bugged till finally, rubbing his weary eyes, he turned & faced me...
He looked at me
& smiled.
Y'know that kind of smile that says, "You are a crazy woman... but i am the luckiest man in the world... & i love you."
Without waiting for the camera to focus, i clicked the shutter twice.
i had it.
With a gleeful laugh, i ran to my computer & downloaded my treasures. All i got were 2 blurry pictures, but they were good enough.
He loves me.
& i have proof.


deborah said...

ah Paige. This post made me chuckle...something I really needed today. thanks! :)

Shelly said...

I remember when you told me that story, of the couple from our church...and I have never looked at them the same way since. They *still* watch each other like that, but I would have never noticed if you hadn't pointed it out to me. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Definitely some couples are connected and you can SEE that connection...

Two times I have really made mental note of it in the last while -

1) A young couple with three kids in our church were helping with worship. They were at the back and were called up again to do another set of songs and he reached out (at the same time she did) and they sort of wrapped their arms around each other's waists as they walked side by side up to the front. It was only an instant or two but since I was near the back of the church, I noticed.

2) A few years ago at a funeral. The family wanted to sit at the back instead of having mourners at the front. Again, I was sitting near the back. During the funeral the son of the lady that died was sitting on a chair in front of me. Two chairs down his wife was sitting with one of their kids in the middle. Because of the child in the middle they couldn't make contact in the front.... so they both put their hands behind the wooden chair back and very tightly held hands for a long time. It was tangible. I could almost see the strength flowing from one hand to the other. It was so powerful I still remember that even though it was probably 7 years ago...

Did you ever tell "the diving wife" about her secret admirer?? She'd probably be thrilled to know!

I've felt that connection sometimes too. Once we were in the car and I was telling the kids a story from long ago - coming home from YWAM and you and your sisters and lots of other family members arriving at the airport to greet me. I was shocked to look over at John (who was driving) and he was visibly moved emotionally with tears in his eyes! I couldn't believe it... but I guess it's that "love" thing you were blogging about.

Thanks for the good post!

Saskatchewan Cousin

Andrea said...

I've never actually seen a pic of your Neil's face before! I glanced at the second one and saw Peyton instantly. I think I'll go get my camera...

Anonymous said...

Thank u ;-) you should look at this emo boy one on this blog:

Minerva said...

I LOVE this post!! I wanna take a pic like that now too :)

paige said...

Seriously - i hope that every woman who reads this post goes & takes a pic of her husband. Hehe. neil would be mortified. If any of you breathes a word to him, your heads will roll!!

Caitlin said...

Oh my WORD this made me cry! I love Love. So so so so cute. I love those looks, and I love how determined you were to get a photo of Neil's look! Just might have to try that on my man... ;)


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