Saturday, January 16, 2010


Gage's first full sentence was, "DarDar, NO!!"
Meaning, "Charter, no!"
Charter is a typical 7 year old boy who is giggling his hardest when someone else is screaming for mercy. Maybe i've put him in a bit of a box though...
The other day, i came downstairs to the heartbreaking wails of my littlest boy. He ran to my arms, soaking wet, crying, "DarDar, water!!"
Seething, i called Charter over, "What did you DO??!!"
"He had the water on full blast & was dumping it by the cupful on the floor. i turned the water off."
"o. well... thanks... Gagey, say sorry to Charter..."
Gagey might've actually looked a little sheepish..."Dorry, Dardar!"
"s'ok, little buddy - i forgive you..."
He wrapped his big boy arms around his tiny brother & my heart melted...
When i was going through all those years of only girls in our house, nobody ever told me how stinking cute brothers are...

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