Saturday, January 2, 2010

i knew he would...

Somewhere, deep in the folds of my brain, i knew he was gonna invite me out to lunch that day. Maybe i sent him a telepathic message. We've been married for almost 14 years, it's gotta be possible by now, right? Maybe he was just on the same wave length as me. Maybe he saw me moving slower than i usually do & knew i needed *him* - alone... not shopping, or cleaning, or doing... just eating lunch.
We sat at a window seat & let the sun beat down on us. It was frigid outside, but with the sun on my arms and face, i felt like i was whisked away to some tropical climate.
The conversation was sparse.
Our time out was brief.
The food was prepared by someone else.
My water was cold, with a wedge of lime.
Inhale, exhale.
My heart still beats faster in his presence.
He held open the door for me & made sure i didn't slip on the ice.
Home again to the 6 little people who cry out my name - rushing to be the first to greet me. Little pantless, wordless boy reaches his arms to me & rests his warm head on my shoulder, allowing his body to be draped around the tiny sibling growing in my belly.
Neil tosses a, 'seeya' over his shoulder as he heads out to his office.
The lovely in the ordinary. The beauty in an understanding. The love built in tiny offerings.
This is marriage.


Carol said...

Sweet post!

Melissa said...

Oh Paige...

The world could use a lot more Neils.

I am thankful for the example that this is setting for your girls... I think of this so often for my Meaghan... that she needs to see how a man ought to treat a woman...

...and for my boys, that they ought to see how they will need to treat a woman one day...

This is sweet. I still feel like I'm gazing in on some sweet romance novel when I read posts like this. :)


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