Friday, January 22, 2010


danger lurks where desperation has crept in –
hope peeks from behind broken walls & destroyed dwellings –
anger, hatred and frustration compound the devastation
grace knocks gently at doors with broken hinges.

looters howl in greed, delighted with darkness –
mothers whisper tender croonings of love.
for a moment it seems that ravaging ruin will be victorious-
amidst the raging storm, His hands carry.


Anonymous said...

I liked the line "Grace knocks gently at doors with broken hinges"

Last night the local school held a benefit potluck supper to raise money for the Saskatchewan Red Cross. Alisdair's class held a bake sale and had two tables full of goodies to sell (and they managed to hawk most of it) to add to the kitty.

Maybe they should evacuate everyone from Haiti to someplace else where there is no danger of earthquakes! Such devastation... Glad for the orphans that are being adopted. Saw two little cuties night before last that are coming to Saskatchewan. Makes me want to bring a few home!

Saskatchewan Cousin

deborah said...

love it!


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