Thursday, January 14, 2010

snow poem

The other night, i couldn't breathe, so up at 2am, i went online & visited my friends blogs. i saw that minerva had another poetry challenge, so bleary eyed - i typed a few lines & hoped that sleep would come... Here is my entry to her snow poem challenge.

"Chinook!" we cry, - anticipating reprieve -
Every gutter straining to empty, streams buckle and weave.
Faces turn skyward - closed eyes ignore dirty slush filled ditches.
We are a city - knowing our relief will soon leave.

Arctic blast brings fresh white snow -
Each flake prettily singing it's mournful solo.
Our eyes open - seeing the cosmic choir -
Baptized in tender tears made crisp - we go.

Hiding inside, we hoard all we might lack -
Firewood comforts us - poised, ready, in her stack.
We surrender ourselves to the season's enchantment.
Awaiting the gentle swish of spring's skirts at our back...

1 comment:

jessica jespersen said...

I like springs skirts and cosmic chorus. :) -j


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