Friday, January 15, 2010

the bald, the blind & the bears...

i like our mornings...
Toast & coffee - mixed with History & a fiction read aloud...
What could be nicer?
That morning was a fast & furious review of previously studied characters - i would shout out a name, point at a child & if they could give me a bit of information on that person, they would earn 5c.
"Wife of Adam!" "First woman!" "First mother!"
"King Minos!"
"Legendary King who owned a pet that was half bull, half man!"
"King who invented a set of 300 laws called the Code of Hammurabi!"
We worked our way down the list. Even Charter got a few...
We got down to Elijah & Elisha & suddenly i threw them a curve ball...
"Which one of these men was BALD!!"
They looked at me blankly... "Bald? Mom, i don't think the bible talks about either one of them being bald..."
"Yes it does! Have you guys never read about when some kids were making fun of Elisha for being bald & so he called a curse from heaven on them & bears came out & mauled them??"
They started to laugh - "That NEVER happened! i totally don't believe you - you're making that up!"
"No, it's true! Lemme get my bible..."
i found the reference i was looking for (2 Kings 2:23-25) & Cai yanked the bible out of my hands..."Ya, let me read that, i don't trust you."
i sat smug as i was proved right... & then suggested that perhaps they should think twice before making fun of bald people & now we were going to move on.
i called out the next name... & was met with Cai's hand waving in the air...
"Um, are you talking about the minor prophet during the time of the locusts? Or the guy who is married to Dad's cousin who uses that special shampoo 'cause he's going... (whispers) bald..." Cairo has the EVILLLLLLEST gleam in her eye...
Sloanie turns bright purple & BURSTS out laughing! "You're gonna get eaten by a BEAR!!!!"
i decide i'd better move things along...
"He's that blind story teller!" Sloanie waves her hand in the air... "i can't remember the special name for story teller..."
"Bard." Cai says dryly... "He was known as the blind bard... Kind of like how Gramps is the (whispers) bald bard."
Hooting ensues as all the children point at her & they shout, "TWOOOOOO BEARS!!! You're gonna get eaten by TWOOOOOO BEARS!!!!"
i flipped shut the book.
i know when to call it a day.


Prvbs31Mama said...

I need to teach my kids fun stuff too...things that are completely who is Homer? and the myth stuff as well...I just don't know when to start with the myth know? Although perhaps it will likely pop up when we get into History...we've had a few false but it's time to get to it! lol

paige said...

Hillyer's -A Child's History of the World- might be a fun place to start :) kind of a loose overview of world history.

mamazee said...


Your littles are so funny :)I didn't know you were doing ancient history this year, too! Cool!

paige said...

ya - i'm actually using the mystery of history... i'm not sold on it - it skips around a little more than i would like. Sonlight is unbeatable... (but i've never done tapestry - & i know you're a big fan :)

Mindy said...

Way. Too. Funny.

Anonymous said...

I guess it is true that you can learn something new everyday.... I didn't know about the verses in Kings about the baldness and the bear... and I'm 47 years old and have been a regular church attender! Guess I'd better go look that one up...

Been doing The Mailbox Club/U B David and I'll B Jonathan lessons with my kids and Isobel is doing well memorizing the scripture verses. She's done Genesis 1:1 already and almost has John 14:2 down pat (and even knows that mansions are "fancy houses!") So that's been fun. Especially when I was shopping at Walmart and she said to the clerk "Want to hear my memory verses? They are excellent!

So good your kids are getting such a well rounded education. Probably better than the ordinary school as I bet Alisdair wouldn't know who some of those people were back in history!

Saskatchewan Cousin

Jen said...

HA! Brian has done years of youth work, so whenever one of the kids threw a bald joke at him he would always go make them read that verse :)

Luke said...

[laughing] Good times.



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