Thursday, September 1, 2011

posture - part 2

part 3 might take me awhile... so till i get what i need to write it, here's part 2. 

pos·ture (pschr) - from the free dictionary



a. A position of the body or of body parts: a sitting posture.

b. An attitude; a pose: assumed a posture of angry defiance.

2. A characteristic way of bearing one's body; carriage: stood with good posture.

3. Relative placement or arrangement: the posture of the buildings on the land.

4. A stance or disposition with regard to something: "Those bases are essential to our military posture in the Middle East" (Gerard Smith).

5. A frame of mind affecting one's thoughts or behavior; an overall attitude.

i danced on the beach in washington. 
i really did. 
and not some beautifully choreographed creation with perfectly executed pirouettes and plies... just a hot mess of arms flailing, feet jigging, twirls and jumps. 
The heat flooded my cheeks - and i double checked that there was nobody else on that sandy shore but my little family - most of whom were busily building tiny sand castles - or exclaiming over abandoned crab shells. 

What is it about our posture that can reveal so much of what we try to keep hidden?

i have noticed - sometimes - that my posture can be an act of submission.  My discomfort becomes secondary to the purpose of honouring another. 
In times of worship - i have seen His servants kneeling - or raising their hands... Changing their physical posture - as an outward symbol - of internal obedience.  This image has been on my mind these past weeks as I have been praying about my involvement in 40 Days for Life - that begins again at the end of September. 
It's not just that end destination of the abortion clinic on Kensington... It's a whole community - that hasn't offered anything better than abortions.  It's believers that understandably become uncomfortable speaking truth amidst the tide of cultural acceptance for something that is wrong.  It's families that are broken and confused - not united in purpose - but divided and hurting. 
Going to that clinic last spring was life changing for me.  It changed my posture.  (Those posts are available under the "abortion" tab of my sidebar).  i felt like for one day - for one hour - i wasn't turning my face from injustice - and my purpose there was clear. i was standing on that street corner to meet with my Father, and plead for His compassionate mercy - not just for the tiny ones growing in the secret place or the hurting families who were offered no better solution, but also for the communities that have been torn apart by the silent acceptance of the unthinkable. 
A year ago, our church approached me about committing to pray for our "zone" in McKenzie Towne.  i was hesitant.  i didn't want to promise to do something and then fizz out after a day or two.  After a little internal debate, i finally accepted the challenge to pray for each one of those houses in our tiny section of this community.  My children and i would sometimes walk that route - changing our posture - to see the houses of the souls we brought to the Throne room, and daily, we would meet together and pray that those people would be drawn to the compassionate grace of the Father who loves them so.  
September 28th to November 6th will be the next 40 day vigil for life...
i'm aching over what... He'll want me to do...
It has been my prayer this summer - that God would give me better understanding, the wisdom to speak truth and the courage to act on my convictions. 
Use my posture, Father - put me where you want me to be... let my attitude mirror You... let me shake loose the ties that want to bind my arms to my side, my feet to each other, my lips sealed... i belong to You.   

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Kali said...

God has taught me so much about the connection between Him and my physical has been a theme of prayer and intercession for me over the past year, on my own and with friends. It's true on so many levels- through the vulnerability of dance, to the pleasure of rolling around on the floor, to fiercely doing handstands and splits, to overcoming fear with a backflip on the trampoline, to asking for His True chiropractic adjustment that we'd be perfectly aligned to His will..."In Him we Live and Move and HAVE our being..." It's all posture! Love hearing your journey Paige.


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