Thursday, September 15, 2011

it's friday tomorrow

It's Friday tomorrow...
My first Friday - i wondered how i would find the words to pray... i wondered if 15 minutes would feel incredibly long - or short - to change my posture... to come to this place... to meet with Him. 
i parked my van in the corner of the little parking lot - and made my way to the front of our church.  The front door isn't used much at our church - it's just for looks - & it's usually shut... locked tight...
& it was by this door i prayed. 
i faced the fire hall first- and i prayed for physical health in families - i cried for Sadie, and for Kienan Hebert who had not yet been returned to his family. 
i turned, and faced the Towne Hall - and i prayed for our government... i prayed that softened hearts would bring about a shift in the social tide against families... i prayed that we would recognize the value in the things to easily tossed aside, and that we would elect courageous individuals - who seek to bring God glory. 
i turned again - and i was facing the gates of our community.  i prayed for those coming and going - for their jobs, their livelihoods. 
i turned again - and i faced houses... i prayed for the people... love, marriages, children... relationships... Those torn apart by separation and divorce... children who are hurt or neglected... husbands and wives - who have forgotten to be intentional in protecting and loving the other...
i prayed for families...
mine included.  It's easiest to pray - when we're praying for ourselves, isn't it? 
i turned again... i was facing our church building.  White siding - with a simple concrete step.  Stained glass window making it's face beautiful... A physical symbol - for the Church - the Body....
o God... be small enough to hear me now....
Faith, hope, love. 
My prayers were for hearts... drawn to their Creator.  Salvation - and Grace. 
"oh, Father, meet me here..."
i wiped my wet face, and checked my phone... 20 minutes had passed.  i was finished... i hobbled to my feet - and crossed the damp grass to my van. 
and went home. 

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lovefam6 said...

That's more of a testimony than you'll ever know Paige.


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