Wednesday, September 14, 2011

will you take your love away?

Our evening services have started up again. 
They're different from our noisy, boisterous morning services... They seem more intimate somehow. 
So, in that sparsely  populated sanctuary - with lights dim and babies wiggling in their daddy's arms, it was ok to lay my head on his shoulder and cry.
And he patted me like a papa - and let me wipe my tears on his clean shirt. 
Unable to speak the peace to my heart that only my Father can give... he sat beside me playing with each one of my fingers in turn, nudging me with his knee to show that he saw my sorrow - my grief for the ones i love; his warmth lending flesh to the pastor's plea to hear and know God's love. 
O husband... How could God give me such a gift as you? 
"Strange timing... for a message like that, wasn't it?" he murmured to me as we drove home to a late supper of eggs and toast.
& i want to cling too tightly to him - because i worry that his love will run dry... that he'll disdain my tears and these present storm clouds... Because what i've seen is that love is fickle... isn't it?  Love is given - and then taken away... isn't it?  Love is temporary, painful and conditional... It ages, and grows weary and hard....
doesn't it? 
& he soothes me to sleep - and lost to comfort me, he tells me the most comforting thing; to look to my Father...
& i do.
& His love will never run dry...
because His love... it's:
His love remembers
it's directed - intentional
it's a refuge
better than life
it's great... & full of goodness
inherited, promised
compassionate, gracious
it guards and delivers
it endures,
and will continues through generations...
to a thousand generations,
His love - makes my love increase and overflow
it crowns
fills the earth
gives purpose - & fulfills that purpose
it's sincere
it binds & unites
Oh, Father!  Your Great Love!  It is:
it shows sympathy
it's rooted and established
surpasses knowledge
it's sacrificial
is kind
it appeals and encourages
never leaves... never forsakes...

i could go on and on...

& this kind of love?  This is the kind of love that can rock me to sleep - and might finally give my stubborn, aching heart rest. 
(these examples came from just the beginnings of a word search on bible gateway for God's love - wow...).


mamalena said...

Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

paige said...

Yes - it's good to know that loving Him begets love... That's where it all starts.

mamazee said...

love this and could relate so well...
God is so good...

lovefam6 said...

How He loves us. We are His portion and He is our prize. How we need to experience His love intimately for ourselves in the midst of joy, pain, laughter, sorrow, to truly know how He loves us. (((Hugs)))


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