Friday, September 30, 2011

7 quick takes

7 quick takes sm1 Your 7 Quick Takes Toolkit!

1. i'm not one to take part in a blog carnival, but i'll try anything once.

2. um... if i'm stuck at #2, does that mean i'm not cut out for this gig? Just kidding. We have big plans for this weekend, starting off on Friday by an evening praying for a little baby boy who is still growing inside his mama, and who has a dangerous cyst growing in his head. Will you pray with us for healing & wholeness for this little boy & for peace for his worried family?

3. Saturday i get to see both my sisters & i'm almost delirious with joy. i miss them both unbelievably & they've both been through so much since we've seen each other. Jessie's little girl, Sadie is rocking her chemo treatments (if anyone can rock a chemo treatment...) - She is in love with BLT sandwiches & her mama (possibly in that order). My other sister Stephanie recently moved & is blooming beautifully in her new soil. i need desperately to reconnect with my peeps.

4. Sunday is the LIFECHAIN here in Calgary.  i have never gone before & i'd like to go & see what it's all about.  i'm not sure if i'll make it there or not, but it's on my hopeful list. 

5.  i found a way that i can see how many times a link has been shared on facebook.  The new 40 Days for Life blog has been shared 39 times.  i have some amazing ladies praying for me as i work hard at this little project.  Thank you for praying and encouraging me - as i have felt so vulnerable & weak.  (& a special thank you to those of you who have linked to it in your sidebars or shared on facebook or twitter!)

6. (six? Already? This game is easy.)  Neil was away all week and i hardly cried.  But i did.  But i tried not to. 

7.  i got asked to sing/speak at another ladies function.  It makes me nervous since i do not have the 'gift of teaching'... & yet i want to be obedient & useful... That makes 2 events in November.  (Don't worry, Kari - they don't conflict with the wedding of the century!!)

And that concludes my first edition of 7 quick takes.  Have an awesome weekend!! 


single catholic girl said...

love the quick takes! Great job. :) I think I felt similar with my first quick takes. lol

Thank you for what you are doing for 40 Days for Life, it is a beautiful witness.

Bless you!

Kari Jeanne said...

This post just made my day Paige! Wedding of the century - I like that ;) November is going to be a busy month for you!

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

How funny - I just stumbled across your post from the Big Family Blog awards, and then saw that the top post is quick takes. How cool!

I enjoyed reading your post, and will definitely say a prayer for the baby you mentioned in #2!

Joy said...

Congratulations on your first Quick Takes!
Will be praying for the baby boy and you all this weekend!

paige said...

hehe - who knew quick takes were so fun.
kari - it better be the wedding of the century, the way it's being talked up over here!!


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