Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Blog Tab

See it?  This is what's in it:

"From now - till Christmas - i'm going fast the noon day meal. i'm going to go pray at McKenzie Towne Church - for at least 15 minutes at noon on Fridays. At the gates of my community... i'm going to pray for family. i'm going to plead for my marriage. i'm going to beg God to soften this city - and each individual family - and allow us to hear His voice..."

15 on Friday... for family.
Posture - part 1
Posture - part 2
Posture - part 3


why for family?
As i prayed about being involved in Calgary's 40 Days for Life campaign this fall - i kept feeling burdened for families.  Divorce is rampant - because our hearts are hard.  Babies are aborted for the same reason, and the sick are left to die alone. If we had strong families founded on the Word - there would be a change in the social tide... Prayer is the most powerful offering and contribution i can make to any person or cause.  i hope that God uses my prayers to soften me too... i hope that He changes me so i can better serve Him. 

why fasting?
Fasting is something i want to learn more about... i think there is power in praying this way - but more so, i was told that when we fast - we are *pleading with God*... i'm at a place where i'm ready to explore this beautiful thing that Jesus taught us by example.  Maybe i'm a wimp - shaking and hungry after missing the noon day meal, when my Jesus spent 40 days fasting in the wilderness... but it's the tiny beginnings of my offering - and He sees it. 

why 15 minutes? why go to the church?
The 15 minutes is the time i'm changing my posture... This is the time i will spend - on my feet - or knees - at the gates of my community at McKenzie Towne Church.  i don't know why 15 minutes... i don't fully understand why i should change my posture... but i am stepping out - willing to look foolish - to learn. 

why till Christmas?
i think it's because God is kind - and like a papa.  He put a parenthesis around this so that i wouldn't be afraid. 

are you trying to start something?  why are you sharing this on your blog? 
i have felt no prompting to ask or to try to get anyone to join me.  (Even though 2 people in different cities have offered to join me in the fasting and prayer).  If people join me, Praise God.  If they don't - Praise God too...  i'm sharing because this is my heart... because what's at stake seems so desperate - and worthy.  This blog is ultimately for my little ones - i want to go on record saying, "life is precious, children are a gift from God - & family is meant to be a reflection of something amazing...  "
i believe God hears our prayers - and can work miracles on our behalf. 

Read my sister's post on the same subject here. 


fawne said...

Paige...I love it that you're being intentional. I'm excited to see what God will do and at the same time I get the feeling that you're the one who will be the most changed through this. Thank you for listening to God's voice. How refreshing/encouraging it is to have a friend who follows Jesus with all her heart.

paige said...

Yes - that's my feeling too... that this is for *me*.


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