Wednesday, August 31, 2011

posture - part 1

This has to be in several parts - because i'm still in the process of sorting through... Y'know that awkward feeling of 'wrestling out your faith'?  Sometimes there are moments when you realize you believed wrong, and you need to change direction - and sometimes there are moments when you need to look a little deeper into whatever it is that's making you feel uncomfortable - because there is truth there - & you don't want to ignore it.  Well, i'm gonna share a bit of that wrestling process here - & see where it takes me. 
For today... a short introduction :) 
i think i mentioned before that we're reading in Exodus - well, one day we were reading, and we came to the place where the Israelites were told to offer a 'wave offering' to God. One of my littles stopped reading and asked what that was. i wasn't really sure - but i said i gathered that it was the offering being "waved" by the priests to God. They thought that was a funny thing to imagine - the priest waving an offering in the air... to bring glory to God. i told them it reminded me of growing up in church - and sometimes - in a moment... someone would say, "Let's give a clap offering to God!" and the room would ring with applause... My littles thought this was even more curious and asked if we could - right then - offer a clap offering to God. So we did. We clapped, and a tiny voice offered, "yay, God!" i couldn't help but laugh - it felt strange - and yet right - to follow their lead in a spontaneous moment of praise... in the middle of Old Testament reading.
It changed our posture.

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Lori-Dawn said...

I totally love this! I think I would dissolve in tears at the beauty of such a moment in my But it would be good!


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