Monday, September 26, 2011


We gather in the grey light of early dawn... yawning and with voices low; catching up, planning visiting... They pull down the quilts i have folded over the couch and snuggle in - some freshly showered, some littler ones still jammy clad with tousled hair - ready for our morning prayers. 
Cai tells me how they were challenged at youth to read the first 3 chapters of Mark as many times as they could this week, and that she has read them twice so far.  Sloanie tells me that she's finished second Peter and is excited to complete her New Years resolution to read whole bible. 
"aw - i'm proud of you girls..." i begin. 
Suddenly, a shrill operatic *clearly soprano* voice shatters the dulcet, alto tones of our morning conversation, "i'm AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!!!!!!!"
The wheels of the conversation wobble and waver and finally fall completely apart. 
All eyes turn to Mollen. 
"i don't like it when other people get attention." She states matter-of-factly. 

ps - have you taken a peek at the 40 days for life blog yet?  i'd love it if you'd share the link on twitter or facebook and join the site to follow along as we begin our 40 days of prayer across Canada & the United States.
If you have any suggestions for me to make it a better place - to help get the word out (you wouldn't believe how many people told me they've never heard of 40 days for life - and i hadn't heard of it before last spring) - i'd love any input you have to share!  Thanks in advance :) 


Kari Jeanne said...

I can completely see this whole scene playing out, Mollen is indeed awesome. And hilarious. lol.

paige said...

She is a riot.
One time i was comforting a crying child & she came squishing, weeping into my lap too, "i don't like it when i don't get all your attention"... :) Sweet, honest mouse.


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