Wednesday, September 28, 2011

since you been gone

You wanna know one of the really bad things about Neil travelling? 
There's way less levity. 
yeh, i have a lot more patience than him - but he brings the humour - he pulls me out of the deep waters and forces me to live, rather than just think. 
When he goes - i overthink, i bluster and mull, i quietly give up...
When he comes home - i slowly, achingly switch gears, i get new ideas and i begin to hope. 
What is it in a marriage that takes two people like us; both so broken... both so lacking... and unites us... one lending strength, one lending gentleness, one lending wisdom.
If we could just be one person, i'd rather we be Neil... but since i'm here too - i'm glad he wraps himself around my very core - & makes me better than i would have been. 

40 days begins today... Wanna follow along HERE?

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Lesley said...

I get this. I really do. Still working on unity but we do compliment each other, pull up the slack when the other one can't even see it coming. It's like falling and having someone catch you just when you think you're going to hit the ground with a thud.


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