Wednesday, September 21, 2011


we bought this print...
i remember the first time i saw it - i was flipping through an art book - and i stopped cold as my eyes fell on this one... angry ocean blending together with the fury of the snowy sky - and a steamship - in the middle.  i almost cried to see an image so terrible - yet still buoyed, in the midst of a storm - yet not sunk. 

It's called Snowstorm by jmw turner.

He has others - one of a horrifying shipwreck, one of a warship being tugged to her 'final berth' all beaten and broken... but this one is my favourite. 
i think i love it because that giant steamship - is shown to be so small - it almost appears as a part of the roaring waves... seemingly insignificant - but seen by the artist.  The 'grand' steamship, painted in it's frailty... in it's great struggle moves me. 


Andrea Leder said...

You really can't take your eyes off of it. The bits of blue and the bright light behind the ship are hope to me.

paige said...

there is something hopeful in it too, isn't there - something passionate i think...


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