Tuesday, September 27, 2011

it gets like that...

Apparently, "it gets like that" wasn't the response my husband was looking for in answer to his question, "Why is our house such a horrible mess?"
(it wasn't that bad). 
Spinning plates lately - some fall - some worthier ones picked up. 
What plates of priorites have you changed out lately? 
In other news - happy 15th birthday to the sweet girl who made me a mama. 


deborah said...

I feel as though *all* my plates have fallen.
My prayer is that soon I will be able to start picking some up....

paige said...

been there too deborah.
Put 'em down gently so they don't fall & smash. Give yourself a holy day - a deep breath - a tall glass of lemonade & pick up one small plate when you can.
Romans is awesome.


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