Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 14, 28 days remaining...

14 points for 14 days!
1* i have learned how to walk with crutches - despite Cai's hilarious blog post that seems to downplay my abilities.
2* i usually lose my baby weight in the first 3 months after having a baby - i've just been lucky that way i guess... i'm curious to see what my body is doing this time as i accumulate hours on the couch...
3* My littles have learned how to use me as an excuse, "Sorry! i was coming, but i got caught behind mom on the stairs..."
4* i went downstairs for the first time since my fall. "Downstairs" is the sleeping place of 3 of our littles and it's also home of our laundry room, rec room & a bathroom... i have been a little nervous - but i was pleasantly surprised.
5* Peyton gathers the laundry, Cairo sorts the loads & starts them, Charter switches into the dryer & Sloanie brings me the loads to fold & then she puts them away - quite the system.
6* My Neil is tired. He's usually pretty tired - he's got a lot on his plate... He's just the best guy... but he's more tired than usual lately - i feel really bad about that.
7* Ephraim is sleeping through the night. i can't imagine if we had a sad little baby this time, how hard this would be. Ephraim is like a dream. He goes to bed at 9pm & wakes for a snack around 4am & back to sleep till 7 (most nights).
8* i don't know how we would have made it through the last 2 weeks without people bringing us meals. i'm imagining we would have eaten a lot of pizza... mmmm pizza...
9* My family wishes i could do more of my job. i do too.
10* i'm trying to only count down the days till i get my cast changed rather than off... 'cause it's shorter...
11* i totally get why children stick things inside their casts.
12* i have hardly played the piano in the past 2 weeks - Sometimes i really wish i had broken my left leg.
13* i think Neil worries that i have left all semblance of hygiene in the past.
14* i'm worried that he might be right.


Treasured Grace said...

Oh brave girl, hang in there!!!!
I can't imagine all you are dealing with but I love hearing your story and how your little family is working together to make it through.
Blessings on your day and strength to make it through the next few weeks too:) :)

Mindy said...

I loved the excuse of being behind you on the stairs! So funny. And how good of E to be sleeping so well! I'm so very glad he is a peaceful babe for you.

You'll make it. Look what a beautiful thing He is making of this situation...


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