Sunday, April 11, 2010

is it just me?

Or is potty training a cuter thing than it was a dozen years ago? When i saw my big 6'2" husband running to the bathroom holding the hand of a chubby little boy with 'big boy underpants' on... it kinda melted me a little bit.
i think that something has changed..
(is it i?)
i remember feeling like my emerging readers were never. ever. going. to. read. at. a. normal. pace....
& now... Dick and Jane completely engrosses me.
Even. at. a. snail's. pace...
i'm thinkin'...
that having babies in your 30's is a good thing. Is there more appreciation? More patience? Less hurry?
A friend & i were talking about the nightmare that the stomach flu is for a mama with a full house. We laughed because between us, we have 11 children... & you'd think at this stage in the game, we'd sorta scoff at barf. But it never gets any better... i still hate cleaning that up - if anything it's HARDER now than it was before!
i love the chance that i have been given to mother through to a different decade of my life. i'm glad that some things are different - for the better... sad that some things are different - likely for the worse & i'm resigned to the fact that there are some things that will never change.
It's interesting for me to think of the differences that Cairo and Ephraim will have in their memories of childhood.
Cairo will remember me as a young mama... Ephraim won't have that same privilege :)
Seven sweet childhoods - spanning 13 years and 5 months.
i feel so blessed to have this chance to be a part of them all.


Jen said...

I like this.
Makes me remember not to 'rush' things. They are going to grow up regardless of how fast or slow I push them. And from what I hear they grow up FAST!
I love reading your thoughts & lessons & things learned as you raise your kids. I learn so much from you.

Denise said...

Just be glad you aren't potty training in your 40's like I was!!! I thought that was never ever going to happen... but I give all the credit to a patient stepdad and eventually we won the victory...

It is weird for me to realize that neither of my kids will every have "young mama" memories as I was already 37 when Alisdair was born...

But because I was at the other end of the spectrum when I had my children, I am just glad I can experience this and didn't "miss out" entirely on motherhood. Yes, the "older mother" is tired and doesn't have the same energy as a 20 year old mother, but I am the only Mum my kids will ever know... and hopefully they will have good memories despite the age aspect...

It is hard though when someone asks if you are the children's grandma (that's happened to me a couple of times) -- all you can do is laugh!

And yes, they DO grow up so fast... Isobel has been trying on clothes for me the last couple of days and I am shocked at how much she has grown and learned in just the last few weeks and months.


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