Thursday, April 8, 2010

half way to who knows where...

Today i'll get this old cast exchanged for a new one. i'm gonna scratch that spot behind my knee, rub my calf & then let them put on the new one.
i'm nervous about recovery - seems i have spent so much time as of late recovering...
i forget what it feels like to be recovered.
i have been asking God lately to please restore my knee to complete health - with no residual pain & no limitations on my activities.
Healing is such a funny thing - we've talked about it a lot in my family - from my nephew's epilepsy, my niece's hormone deficiency, my sister's 4 month straight bout of illness...
& then there's our little ones who, though we begged God to let us raise them -
were taken home early...
i don't know what God thinks when i ask him for this small miracle -
complete restoration.
But i do know that He's my Father,
He loves me,
& that it's ok to run to Him, and tell Him what i long for & to ask Him for what i know He is able to give.

1 comment:

Jen said...

Happy half way!
Hope you get a pretty cast this time :)
Enjoy that moment you have to scratch and massage your might want to hold your breath while you do it tho ;) Heehee!


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