Friday, April 16, 2010

Not your average kid...

"Don't you want them to be normal?"
um... yes.
Normal has a huge variety and range. Normal includes spicy little numbers like Mollen and intense, self motivated kids like Cai. Normal encompasses bookworms like Sloanie, rule followers like Charter and peace-makers like Peyton. Normal welcomes Ephraim, who sleeps - as well as Gagey, who doesn't.
& yes. i'm not worried about them being normal.
When people worry about kids being normal - i think what they mean is, "Don't you want them to be average?"
& no. i don't.
Average often is dragged down to the lowest common denominator - no boys can sing because there's one sullen boy in the back who has poisoned the rest into believing that singing is something that boys just don't do. Girls have to be skinny and wear make up by the time they're 13 - eccentricities, passions & differences are quashed.

So, average isn't welcome around here.
Bring on the plastic fake lips, Ephraim - you've joined a very normal family. i think you'll fit right in.


deborah said...

love it.
average is boring.
bring it on.

Lesley said...

I think normal USED to be a good thing. I think people said it and equated it with happy. Now it means boring or average. We've lowered the bar. Normal IS the bar and it is way too far down. Nobody wants their kids to be 'normal' (read boring/average) but it is the first thing people accuse you of NOT allowing when they're insecure about their own decisions and therefore judgmental about yours.

So, what's a Mummy to do? Society lowered the bar and Dummy Mummies want to bring you down!

You put on plastic lips and kiss normal goodbye!

Goodbye average, hello extraordinary;-)

Melissa said...

Yeah, I'm SO not into average. Or ordinary. Or normal.

God has much bigger plans, and He is far from what most would consider "normal".

Indeed - "bring it on".

Love this post, Paige, but I didn't see Ephraim's plastic red lips?

Rachel said...

Thank you so much for this post today Paige! I needed to read that!

I have been having some struggles around here with "normal". Won't get into specifics on here, but thank you for reminding me that every one of my boys are not normal...and that's a good thing.

Prvbs31Mama said...

hee hee, average is sooooo boring! I'm so not a fan of cookie cutter people...even though I myself feel very average about everything. I see strong points in others but not so much in


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