Monday, April 12, 2010


He had to leave at 5am this morning for his week-long trip to bc. i heard him get up - quietly - so that he wouldn't wake the wee one sleeping beside me, & get ready to go.
Oh heart - don't go - so far for so long...
In moments he was ready - & he came around onto his side of the bed to kiss me and whisper in my ear, "i'll call you..."
As he stood up to leave - i stretched out so even just our fingertips still touched.
My selfish heart would have him never leave - always stay - at fingertip's touch.


Jen said...

Don't really know how you do it.
Praying for a quick & not too lonesome week for you.

Lisa said...

Praying for a quick week Paige.

Stephanie said...

I know the feeling of saying good bye. I hope this week passes quickly for you.


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