Tuesday, April 20, 2010

pools, perogies & pupcakes...

It was Mollen's 6th birthday yesterday. We have never been much for birthdays... but we made tiny cupcakes for her to take for her kindergarten class & preparations for a little party in the afternoon when she got home.
Beautiful that the sunshine decided to join us.
We bought her a tiny blow up pool and a big bubble blower - we set up a party table outside & made perogies for her birthday feast.
A tiny celebration for our littlest girl. When she declared it to be the 'betht day ever' - i was happy with our efforts.

& so another day passes, another year passes, another child passes out of those preschool years...

She grinned at me when i hugged her goodbye the night before - our family tradition - & shouted from her room that she would be sailing for Paris in the night & our new daughter would meet us in the morning...
& when i pounced on her bed in the morning & demanded to know who this stranger was in the place of my darling 5 year old, she smiled - wiggling her one remaining front tooth with her tongue.
& in my heart, i wondered about the little one who had made the long journey to Paris in the night... & even though i know that we just made up that funny little farewell and greeting... i felt just a little pang of sadness knowing i'll never see her again.
& i vowed that 6 wouldn't be quite as fleeting as 5.
Happy birthday Molls.


mamalena said...

What do you mean...not much for birthdays.....Didn't she have three birthdays....haha!

paige said...

hee hee! You're right mom - i just have to start counting things... i'm always so quick to say, "well, that doesn't count as a party, as homeschool, as training, as phys.ed..." when really, we do *plenty*.

Carol said...

Yes, it is quite a "right of passage" to go from 5 to 6 years old! I was always a little sad too!


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