Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Canada at the G8

i received an email from my sister this morning & it was her letter to our representatives in government regarding Canada's exclusion of abortion in it's G8 health-care initiatives for maternal care in developing countries. Her letter inspired me to write my own. Here it is in it's hastily written state. Perfect wording, grammar and spelling don't matter - having our voices heard does. Letter writing isn't my strength - especially on the fly - but MP's need to hear our voice when they're treading into dangerous waters and they need to feel our support when they're making good choices too.

Mr. Kenney,
i have written to you before on the topic of abortion in Canada & i wanted to take the time on this busy morning to write you again and say, thank you. i am one of many, many Canadians who you may or may not hear from, who are very grateful to the present government for not including abortion in the G8 maternal health-care initiatives for developing countries.
Our country has for so long been one of the ones leading the way in funding and providing abortions for it’s citizens – that for once, to be the country that has chosen to exclude that option when so many assumed it would be included for a worldwide program feels like a huge relief.
Our children, in Canada, and across this world, are our most precious resource. We need to protect them with initiatives to provide food and clean water.
Abortion itself is the disease – not children.
We will continue to pray for you & this government as you make decisions that affect us all.
paige beselt, McKenzie Towne

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Prvbs31Mama said...

That's a gooder!
I wrote something like that about a month's so important to make ourselves heard!


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