Monday, December 7, 2009

tithes & offerings

That always happens at church.
Y'know, they pass the plate & people put in what they have...
Neil never says that it's *his* money & not mine... but as a stay at home mom, it's often how i've felt. When Neil is generous with money - i shrug my shoulders - it's his to give, or to keep... & though i have free reign to give what i want, to buy presents for whomever i please, to spend whatever i would like on myself or others... i'm conscious of the fact that i don't earn anything.
i told that to God as they passed the plate on Sunday.
'i never put anything in...'
The baby inside me stretched out a wee bit as i continued to play and sing the offertory...
& my perspective changed.
'i give you everything, God... i give you this body... though it's weak, and temporary - it has been used by God to grow 9 little lives...
i give you these fingers - though they stumble through the melodies at times - let them play for You, Father...
i give you this voice - though my breath is hard to find these days with less room for air - each note is a sacrifice of praise - & i hold nothing back.
Each of my little ones memorized the Christina Rossetti poem at one christmas or another... & in it's simplicity - that's where my heart rested on Sunday as the plate was passed & it seemed i contributed nothing...

"What can i give Him,
Poor as i am?
If i were a shepherd,
i would bring a lamb;
If i were a wiseman,
i would do my part;
Yet, what can i give Him?
i give Him my heart."

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Prvbs31Mama said...

beautiful paige!! It's hard sometimes as the thing my parents always did was pray about it before church and then just go with the bigger dad's number was often bigger...and sometimes made my mom's eyes bulge out of her head...but they stood in agreement like this with tithes and offering all the time, when she was working and when he was the sole bread winner...I want to do this with Jamie too...just gotta get him to church! hehe


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