Wednesday, December 9, 2009

on tuesday...

a mama remembered her little ones lost both to abortion & miscarriage in a service designed to honour their little lives lost...
As i tossed & turned in my bed this morning, my prayer for her was that she would he *held* as she *lets go*.
Listening to this song this week - totally met me in a place of surrender to God - who i know is Good & who daily shapes me to His image.
Choosing to do things that are counter culture is a lonesome place to be sometimes... & choosing to say, "i regret" is hard too.
if you are reading my blog, little mama, may God bless you as you swim against the current. i hope that your service brought healing & comfort to you too.

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Kali said...

Just. Let. Go.
Healing words when spoken over us by our loving Daddy in heaven.
Glad you like the song! The journey for me is a very similar one- it blesses me to know we're not swimming upcurrent alone, and in the natural, God is doing a similar working-out in the hearts of so many families out there.


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