Saturday, December 19, 2009

sharing sisters

i was more than giddy when i found out my sister is pregnant.
Even if it's only a few weeks, it will be fun to be expecting our seventh children together.
She teased her excited husband for buying their baby a present only days after having a positive pregnancy test - but i happen to know that it was her who first dropped money on the new babe when we each bought raw amber teething necklaces for our unborn babies.
We share ideas, solutions & stories, along with our older sister - in our motherhood journey... we share a passion for our children, homeschooling & marriage... & in these days, we share an excited anticipation for the babes to come.
& this time, we will be sharing another teeny element of our lives as we grow these newest little ones.
We will each be nursing our toddler sons.
Seems so much less lonesome to be counter culture when your sister joins you.


The Nieboer News said...


jessica jespersen said...

As Pooh Bear says: "It's always friendlier with two." ;) So thankful for the blessing you girls are to me. Can't wait to meet our newest little ones p. -j

Melissa said...

I was going to write exactly what "The Neiboer News" wrote:


Prvbs31Mama said...

So excited for you both! I give up being pregnant with my two sisters!! one is done after 2 babies and the other just likes being an aunt too
Enjoy your rotating maternity closet!!

paige said...

nope, not much of a revolving closet, we all need it at the same time! heehee.


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