Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009- What's it like?

i actually made some lame attempt at a Christmas letter to post... but i'm at Jess' house & so i can't access it on my computer & post it for you all to yawn through.
What i really wish is that i could post a snapshot for you all to see what it's like having Christmas here with my side of the family...
Both my sisters have gathered here with their husbands & between them 13 children, plus my family of 8... My mom & dad are here from Victoria, bringing the total to 27? & then the 2 that are still hiding in the secret place. i think we're all glad Jess has a big house.
Right now, the boys are playing foos ball in the basement, Haven is playing the mandolin, Granny the banjo, Jess on the piano, Gramps has pulled out his guitar i think i see Cairo, Sloan, Carrie & Stephanie on the fiddles. Children have sifted in & out of the music room over the past 2 days - sometimes it's just the mamas too. There have been many rounds of both sledding and bouts in the hot tub. Lots of arms to scoop up the littlest 3 who are all under 2.
There were a few presents, lots of food & even more music. We've had a Christmas play, recitations & performances. There was a game of "risk", a puzzle, a "living nativity" followed by Grampsie interactively telling the Christmas story. There have even been some chances for quiet conversation... snatched in moments when moments are snatched... We've shared pass me downs, dishwashing & vacuuming. Wyatt made me read passages from his latest favourite book & take a pokemon personality test... that left me completely bewildered. The cousins have paired off in their usual circles - or taken breaks & formed new alliances for an hour or two at a time.
Over the years, i've watched so many little faces change from baby faces - to the faces of young adults... The energy runs pretty high with this many people in one house, but it's like a beautiful painting - the mixing & mingling of colours & shapes... each unique piece that when put together forms a family.
My family.
& that's what we look like, on this December 25th 2009.


Andrea said...

I love this painting :)

Prvbs31Mama said...

I LOOOOOONNNNGGGGGG for a painting like that!!! The children ShOULD outnumber the adults! sighhhh....
but if I'm the only babymaker on both sides of the family then yikes! Jamie and I better get healthy and to work! hehe I need at least 2 more children to outnumber the adults on Jamie's side and 5 more to out number the adults on MY side!!! yup it'll take a miracle!

deborah said...

that sounds like a fantastic picture...a perfect combination of happy chaos and peace. :)

Jen said...

Awww I love it.


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