Thursday, December 3, 2009

he giggled in his sleep

Last night i caved & tucked him in next to me when we went to sleep... again...
He clung to my neck & cried pitifully, "mama's bed... mama's bed..."
& suddenly i lost my will to fight & surrendered to his sweet plea.
Twice in the night, i had to untangle his arms from around my neck, and another 3 times, i had to dislodge his foot from my belly... but we had a pretty good sleep.
We slept in...
The sun was already starting to peek through my window when i finally opened my eyes & saw his thick eyelashes littering up his cheeks.
My eyes were half opened, half closed -
i was halfway between getting up... or rolling over for another 10 - but when i had rolled over to look at my sleeping beauty, it had woken the baby within, & baby was gently poking me, reminding me that maybe it was time to rouse myself & face this day.
Suddenly, Gagey giggled in his sleep.
One of those little giggles that tiny babies do - where their little breath intake at the end makes a high pitch squeak.
His eyes were still closed & the smile was slowly fading off of his angelic face.
What dream had caused that gorgeous sound?
What God had created this amazing gift?
What better way to welcome this day?
Than with a smile on my face & gratitude in my heart...


Anonymous said...
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Prvbs31Mama said...

Awww, so cute!
so was that another viagra ad?? hehe

paige said...

HAHA!! What the heck is up with the advertising comments on my blog lately? i've had 3 in the last short while - & they were all different (one for someone's myspace, one for a job & one for viagra... lame... maybe i will blog about it - bwahaha).

Treasured Grace said...

I can't see them :( but I'm sure that he is super sweet as always


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