Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a hill to die on...

i hit one of those this week.

What? It's only Tuesday?

Well, i like to get things done, so i hit that particular hill first thing on Monday morning.
The painful, agonizing, truth is that parenting (& can i get a little more specific?? ... homeschooling) is *hard work*. & like my momma used to say, sometimes you just know that this is one battle that you have to win.
i know that my precious child feels like perhaps i don't love them - in those moments of agonizing frustration... because why else would i be inflicting this pain upon us all?
But, that sweet little person doesn't see that it's *because* i love them that i am willing to waste my entire day in this battle to help them gain a little character... a little discipline... a little knowledge... a little humility... a little fortitude.
It's one of the hidden *treasures* of homeschooling. i've heard people say they couldn't homeschool 'cause they would "drive each other nuts". In homeschooling - there are days - where we *do* drive each other nuts... but we always have to work beyond that. Get our relationship to the point where we can work together, learn from each other & be around each other... a lot. *That's* the type of relationship that i want to have with my children anyway.
So, our rams horns get locked...
We emerge from the fray a little frustrated, bedraggled & shaken... needing many tender hugs & smoochies, words of love & praise & comfort...
But, hopefully - we'll both be a little better for it.
Ready to start fresh with toast & coffee in front of the fire on a Tuesday morning...


Hillary said...

Yikes, Paige this one hits home for me. Ok, your posts usually do - but lately I feel so *guilty* because I get *frustrated* when there is a struggle with my oldest and in all my frustration I feel weak and inadequate. Thanks for the little reminder that the struggles are for a reason, a good one.

mamalena said...

Good work Paige. Those painful days are agony, but sometimes they are fruitful. It's an opportunity to push through and establish a beach head on new territory.


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