Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i woke up in the night...

like i usually do.
& i sat up - i was completely awake & it was only 2:32AM.
i glanced over - & in the dim light that came through our blinds from the street lights, i could see Neil's dark head on the bed beside me.
He was completely sandwiched between Mollen (5) & Gage (23mos).
For such a big man, he was totally squished into a tiny space.
i yanked Gagey over closer to me & tried to go back to sleep - thinking sweet thoughts about the man who is a magnet for little ones... who seems so gruff, but offers sweet ultimatums in the night to little girls who have nightmares about whales...
"You can sleep with daddy, but only if you give me backrubs..."
i'm so grateful to God for making me the momma... of Neil's babies.


Prvbs31Mama said... no doubt they both fell back to sleep during the backrubs..hehe
I must admit I enjoy soft little bodies squishing me to the edge of the

Jen said...

I am looking forward to the day I hear little feet paddling down the hallway looking for a cozy spot to snuggle in between mom and dad...
I used to have afternoon naps with K all the time but ever since he could move he's not interested in naptime cuddles...only when it's 10pm and he know's he's supposed to be sleeping :)

Anonymous said...

All about one and so it is infinite


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